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UNICEF urges all Nepali parties to agree on one thing: children

United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund (UNICEF) has urged all Nepali parties to agree on one thing next week: children.

April 19-20 are the days scheduled for the national distribution of Vitamin A capsules and deworming tablets, UNICEF's Representative Suomi Sakai said in Kathmandu on Wednesday.

Every six months in Nepal, Vitamin A capsules are distributed to some 3.3 million children aged between six months and five years in the country, according to Sakai.

A further 3.1 million children aged between one and five years will be receiving deworming capsules that greatly reduce rates of anemia.

Some 48,000 female community health volunteers will mobilize all wards in 75 districts for the distribution, one of the largest child-survival exercises in Nepal, Sakai added.

"Half of Nepal's children are malnourished. Many do not have enough Vitamin A in their own bodies. This essential vitamin helps boost their immune system," Sakai stated.

The Vitamin A distribution is estimated to save the lives of some 12,000 children each year. This number is about the same as the number of people estimated to have been killed since the conflict began in 1996 in Nepal. Vitamin A also prevents some 2, 000 children each year from going blind, according to Sakai.

 Source : xinhua  Editor: WuLin
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