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Yunnan Normal University leads campaign to teach Chinese abroad

Yunnan Normal University in Southwest China is leading country's campaign to train and dispatch volunteers to teach Chinese abroad, a dean with the university said Sunday.
The university in Yunnan Province has sent 119 volunteers to teach in Thailand since 2001, said Wu Yinghui, dean with the university's Institute of Chinese and International Studies.

It was appointed by the China National Office of Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language in 2004 as one of the eight universities to train volunteers to teach Chinese overseas and has dispatched more volunteers than any other university.

Wu said most of the 119 volunteers were graduates from the journalism and Chinese faculties.

Due to the increasing international demand for Chinese teachers, Yunnan Normal University plans to dispatch more volunteers to the Republic of Korea, Vietnam and Malaysia, Wu added.

China began in 2004 to recruit volunteers to teach Chinese overseas in an attempt to meet the global demand to learn the language.

Volunteers need to pass an examination before a short training course, signing an agreement with the government and teaching overseas. They are subsidized 400 U.S. dollars every month and enjoy medical and accident insurance when they work overseas.

Their contracts run from six months to two years.



 Source : xinhua  Editor: WuLin
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