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Dalinuo'er Lake Natural Ecological Tourist District

Situated on Gongge'er Grassland in the west part of Keshiketeng Banner of Chifeng, it is a comprehensive state-class natural reserve protecting such ecological systems as lakes, marshes, grasslands, dunes and forests for rare birds with a total area of 1200 sq. km.


With a spacious lake surface, rich aquatic products and numerous birds, Dalinuo'er Lake is listedas one of the three biggest swan lakes together with Poyang Lake and Bayinbuluke Lake. There are a total of 152 kinds and 16 orders of birds in the reserve, of which 26 kinds are state first-class and second-class protected birds. There are tens of thousands of birds such as swans, white-nape crane and Otis tarda, which gather here every year.

The landscapes in the reserve arediverse. The renowned inland lake ecological system of the Inner Mongolian Plateau is in the reserve. There are also 22 lakes ofdifferent sizes in the basin, of which, the area of the biggest lake, Dali Lake, is 248 sq. km, ranking No.2 in terms of inlandlakes in Inner Mongolia.

There is agood lakeside landform surrounding Dali Lake. People can see a well-developed and completely protected ancient volcano group. Placesof cultural interest, such as Zhenzishan rock paintings,Jinjiehao, Yingchanglu Site of the Yuan Dynasty, MantuoshanShuiyun Cave, Longxing Temple stele, are found on the lakeside.

Railway: taking long-distance bus from Chifeng Railway Station,one can reach Jingpeng Station after 4 hours' drive, transferring to a bus you will reach the reserve afteranother 2 hours' driving.

Bus: Driving from Beijing along the Wuxi-Zhangjiagang Highway can reach there.

Tel: 86--0476--5095090


 Source : nmgnews  Editor: WuLin
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