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Asihatu Stone Forest Tourist District

It is located at the north mountain northeast of the Keshiketeng Banner of Chifeng. Asihatu granite is a rare stone forest landform. The cause of the stone forest is that the rock mass of the region has rare horizontal proterozoic rock joints and vertical rock joints. Magma, glaciers, thawing ice, wind erosion and landslip due to gravity formed it. Within an area of five sq. km, there areodd mountains and stones with different shapes and nearly 1,000 of stelae, rock jungle and ostrich stone. Integrating stone foresta, grassland and foresta, Asihatu Stone Forest Tourist District has a very graceful landscape. It is a multi-functional geological park combining such functions as scientific study, viewing, sightseeing, popular science education, leisure and holiday making, entertainment and exploration.

With an area of three sq. km, the StoneForest Ski Run has new equipment and an advanced design. Skiing here you can not only experience the adventure and stimulationof surfing on the snow, but also can appreciate the magic scenery of the combination of stone forest, misty pines, snow and skyand appreciate the grandness and magnificence of nature.

Traffic: It is 90 kilometers from Jingpeng Town, Keshiketeng Banner and 45 kilometers from Linxi Town of LinxiCounty. People taking the train can come to Chifeng firstand then transfer to a mini-bus to go to Tianheyuan Township and thenhire a local vehicle to there. People can also rent a vehicle to go there directly from Chifeng, Jingpeng Town or Linxi Town.

Boarding: Mongolian tent, villa of various classes and Huanggangliang Tourist Resort are available.

NB: Those who want to drive theremust obtain enough gas before entering Asihatu.

 Source : nmgnews  Editor: WuLin
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