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Wuliangsuhai Tourist Resort

Wuliangsuhai is situated at Urad Front Banner, Bayannao'er. With a distance of 12 kilometers from Xishanju Town, it is one of the eight largest freshwater lakes in the country with an area of 300 square kilometers. Wuliangsuhai is a rare big        multi-functional lake in this desolate and drought-stricken grassland. The area of bulrush is 150 square kilometers and there are nearly 200 species of birds (12 of them are state first-class and second-class protected species) and over 20 kinds of fish in the lake area.


The 5000-mu resort is situated on the Urad Grassland at the south side of Wuliangsuhai Lake. Here, people canappreciate the beautiful lakes and mountains in the north and get an insight into the lives of rare fowls and migrant birds and experience the customs on the Urad Grassland. Such historical and cultural relics as the Urad Forest Park, Xiaoshetai Great Wall of the Qin Dynasty, Guanglusai, Yinshan rock painting group and Debusige Temple arealso in the area. Facilities such as theMaritime Dock, European-style Wooden House, Hetao(Great Bend ofthe Yellow River) Folk-custom Village and Mongolian Aili all offer a variety of entertainment.

 Source : nmgnews  Editor: WuLin
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