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Britain embraces new PM in new coalition era


File photo taken on May 6, 2010 shows Liberal Democrats leader Nick Clegg (L) and his wife Miriam Gonzalez Durantez walking out of a polling station in Sheffield, Britain. The new Downing Street cabinet of David Cameron confirmed Nick Clegg would be the Deputy Prime Minister, which has been approved by Queen Elizabeth II. (Xinhua/Zeng Yi)

During Tuesday evening, details of government personnel began to emerge. Five Liberal Democrats will sit in the cabinet, close to a quarter of the ruling core, with Clegg as deputy prime minister.

Cameron's two most senior lieutenants were designated to top jobs, with George Osborne as chancellor of the exchequer, equivalent to finance minister, and William Hague as foreign secretary. Osborne, 38, is the youngest chancellor for more than a century.

Clegg's most senior and respected deputy, Vince Cable, becomes first secretary to the treasury, deputy to Osborne. Clegg's chief of staff, Danny Alexander, a member of parliament for a Scottish constituency, becomes secretary of state for Scotland.

The first foreign leader to call the new British prime minister was U.S. President Barack Obama, who the White House said "told the prime minister the United States has no closer friend and ally than the United Kingdom" and invited Cameron to visit the United States in the summer.

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 Source : Xinhua  Editor: Isabella
· Britain embraces new prime minister in new coalition era
· Britain embraces new prime minister in new coalition era
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· Britain ends major operation in Afghanistan
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