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Survey finds young migrant workers left home alone more prone to crimes in China

Young migrant workers left home alone are more likely to commit crimes, according to a recent survey.

Up to 90 percent of migrant workers serving sentences in southern Guangdong province are younger than 26, according to the survey conducted by the human rights research center of Guangzhou University.

"Most young migrant workers who commit crimes were left alone in their hometowns during their childhood," Xie Jianshe, deputy director of the research center was quoted by Tuesday's China Daily as saying.

The survey polled 72 criminals of the so-called young generation of migrant workers in prisons and found about 80 percent experienced a "lonely childhood," without parental care.

Xie attributed their crimes to inadequate education from families in their childhood. "They usually don't receive higher education. Inadequte education and less care from parents greatly harmed them," Xie said.

Among those polled, up to 76 percent said they went to cities for "a better life" right after quitting school. "Their parents, also working in cities, don't know how to care for and educate their children," Xie said.

Young migrant workers are usually involved in robbery, gang-related crime and sexual offenses, according to the survey.

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 Source : Xinhua  Editor: Ivy
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