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Egyptian girl dabs a tint of Chinese philosophy to book of revenge, war

"Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves." Eleven-year-old Egyptian girl Janna Gohar used Confucius words to highlight her fierce yet touching story of battles and revenge.

"Revenge is one of the messages in my book," said Janna, "and the Chinese philosopher's saying means when you take a revenge, you're going to hurt not only your enemy but also yourself."

Janna, a fifth-grade student with the Misr American College in a middle-class residential area in Suburban Cairo, wrote her second book, titled "World War III: Cats and Dogs" in 2008.

In the book, an American dog and an Iraqi cat went together to stop a violent war between their compatriots. The cat succeeded in stopping the war, but the dog was hailed as a hero by the media, as the cat was wounded and hospitalized. Irritated by the dog's dishonesty, the cat took revenges and eventually killed him.

Janna said she came up with the idea of writing this book, when she was learning the Second World War at school, and watched news coverage on the Iraqi war with her parents at home.

"I also saw a lot of conflicts between my dog and my cat, so I decided to write about a war between the two animals," the girl smiled, patting her white Persian cat in her bedroom.

"The dog is from the United States and the cat is from Iraq, because America has a big population and big missiles," said Janna." Iraq also has, but not as much."

Her book, illustrated with cartoons by her elder sister Nadia Gohar, described and reflected on the war through a child's perspective.

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 Source : Xinhua  Editor: Ivy
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