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Children without a way home

  The 60 children peer out from the screen, watching, wondering, hoping for cheerful endings to their tales. For each of them, the story starts the same: kidnapped, stolen, missing, gone without a trace.

  And despite the best police efforts, even if the children are found, reuniting them with parents whose names and whereabouts may be unknown can prove impossible.

  So in a move to reconnect families, the Ministry of Public Security released information on about 60 rescued children on its website yesterday.

  "It's the first time the ministry has published data about children whose parents couldn't be found through the national DNA database," lawyer Zhang Zhiwei, a volunteer with nongovernmental organization Baby Come Home, told China Daily yesterday.

  The data includes the 60 children's photos, ages, the time they went missing and how to contact the department in charge.

  "Even if I can't find my boy's photo on the website today, it's a blessing for desperate parents like us who have nearly lost hope," Tang Weihua, a mother who lost her 5-year-old son in 1999, told China Daily in a telephone interview yesterday.

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 Source : chinadaily  Editor: xiaxue
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