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To cut or not to cut: That's the regulation

Foshan;cut hair;girls;quit school;regulation

In written replies to the school leaders, students refuse to abide by the regulations on hair in a school in Foshan, Guangdong province.  The Chinese characters on the paper read  "no haircut, no quitting school."

For most girls, letting their hair grow long or cutting it short is a matter of style.

For a group of girls in Foshan, Guangdong province, it's a matter of being allowed back into school.

As many as 32 girls in Chancheng Experimental High School have been suspended and will have to take a course on "morals" for refusing to cut their hair.

"The students have been asked to cut their hair in accordance with school regulations," said Zhang Jianqiang, director of the school's moral education office.

But the decision is not sitting well with the girls.

"How can the school use a single regulation to ask all the students to have short hair? The rule has violated our rights," said a 17-year-old girl surnamed Huang.

Huang, together with the other 31 suspended students, all major in music, are about to attend an examination later this month.

"Long hair helps boost our image before the judges," she said.

The regulation was made at an executive meeting by teachers in March and is meant improve the school's image, according to Zhang. But students said they were not invited to attend the meeting.

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 Source : China Daily/CFP  Editor: Ivy
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