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Home-made moon cakes: great idea sells like hot cakes

With Mid-Autumn c approaching, Li Haiying had a "brilliant idea" and decided to sell her own moon cakes online. It appears she could not have picked a better business idea.

Although there is still 10 days until moon cake-giving time begins, Li has sold thousands of the treats made all by herself.


Home-made moon cakes

The 28-year-old Beijing woman is proud her new business is gaining momentum. "It is a new trend, self-made moon cakes are much healthier and, may I say, more delicious than those sold in the supermarkets," she said.

"I never add preservatives in the cakes, even though that means they cannot be kept for a long time.

"But consumers support the idea as they become increasingly health conscious."

Li has managed to sell 1,600 cakes in a month and only charges 2 to 5 yuan ($0.3-0.7) per piece.

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 Source : CCTV   Editor: Ivy
· Home-made moon cakes: great idea sells like hot cakes
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