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Coldest place in the solar system? Right nearby

Astronomers have found the coldest spot in our solar system and it may be a little close for comfort. It's on our moon, right nearby.


This undated image provided by NASA, taken by NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, shows the crater called Faustini, upper, center, on the south pole of the moon, where temperatures reached 397-degrees below zero. Some of those coldest temperatures in the solar system were measured in the crater called Faustini.

NASA's new Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter is making the first complete temperature map of the moon. It found that at the moon's south pole, it's colder than far away Pluto. The area is inside craters that are permanently shadowed so they never see sun.

"It's sort of like a faint glow and that's your only source of heat," said David Paige, a University of California, Los Angeles, scientist who is part of the NASA team. "Right here in our own backyard are definitely the coldest things we've seen in real measurements."

Temperatures there were measured at 397 degrees below zero. That's just 35 degrees higher than the lowest temperature possible.

Pluto is at least a degree warmer even though it is about 40 times farther away from the sun.

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 Source : China Daily  Editor: Ivy
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