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Zhang Yimou promotes latest movie

Zhang Yimou has just released a couple of scenes from his latest work "Amazing Tales: Three Guns." Funnyman Xiao Shenyang and Yan Ni star along with cool guy Sun Honglei in the film, which is billed as a comedic thriller.

Xiao Shenyang, a super nova in the folk opera world of Northeast China, never expected that he would land the role.

Actor Xiao Shenyang, said, "After I played a sketch at the Spring Festival Gala, my teacher told me that I would become a big star, and filmmakers like Zhang Yimou and Feng Xiaogang would work with me. I thought it was impossible. But soon I got the call from Zhang Yimou."

Sun Honglie gained fame on the small screen for playing tough characters. As an actor, he surely admires Zhang Yimou's directorial talent.

Actor Sun Honglei said, "The heart of the matter is to get the best out of the actors. It takes tremendous talent and experience to achieve that. That's what Zhang Yimou is good at. He never fails to capture the best moments."

Like Zhang Yimou, Yan Ni also comes from Northwest China's Xi'an City. In this production, she plays the hostess of a tavern.

Actress Yan Ni said, "I was so happy and excited upon learning the news that I couldn't fall asleep. The role means a great deal to me."

With box office successes such as "Heroes" and "Curse of the Golden Flower" in his pocket, Zhang is confident this next effort will also find success.

 Source : CCTV   Editor: Ivy
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