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Graffman moves Forbidden City left-handed

Gary Graffman playing on stage in Beijing.

The Beijing audience sat spellbound Tuesday night as world-renowned pianist Gary Graffman presented a sublime recital of works by Russian composers including Alexander Nikolayevich Scriabin, Felix Blumenfeld and Leopold Godowsky, at the Forbidden City Concert Hall.

The choice of Graffman's repertoire was unusual in that it included pieces played entirely by the left hand scored by Leon Kirchner and John Corigliano. In 1979 Graffman suffered an sprain to his ring finger on his right hand, which led to him abandon playing the piano with his right hand altogether.

"If you closed your eyes, you could not tell these works were played by the left hand!" exclaimed violinist Sheng Zhongguo.

The 81-year-old maestro presented his solo concert as part of the Beijing Musical Festival.

"The vigor and depth of his music is unmatchable. It only comes with years of life experience,"Sheng added.

"He is truly a living legend who has inspired awe across the world and through the decades,"commented 81-year-old classical pianist Zhou Guangren.History has a long legacy of musical geniuses that took to the keyboard at an early age. Mozart started when he was 5 and Franz Liszt and Frederic Chopin were 6 when they began.

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 Source : Global Times  Editor: Ivy
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