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Michael Jackson 'controlled' by staff

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson's thoughts and actions were "controlled" by his team of minders.

The late pop star's sister La Toya broke down October 5 as she revealed Michael's staff had brainwashed the timid singer.

She told UK TV show 'GMTV': "Michael was very meek and very kind and people would just barge their way into his life. People controlled him. They did what they wanted and it was very difficult for him to say no. We've tried so many times to intervene but they keep everybody at bay, they keep everyone away actually."

When asked exactly how Michael's staff had influenced him, La Toya replied: "By controlling him. By controlling his thoughts, controlling what he does, not letting anyone through the gates. We couldn't even get near security."

Michael - who was allegedly addicted to prescription medications - passed away aged 50 on June 25 from acute Propofol intoxication.

Propofol is a powerful anaesthetic used to put surgery patients to sleep in hospital.

Los Angeles police are currently carrying out a homicide investigation into Michael's death.

La Toya said the family is pleased with how this is progressing and are looking forward to the truth about the 'Thriller' singer's life.

She said: "I think the police are doing an absolutely wonderful job. You guys are going to get really, really different information and news that you're not aware of. More will be revealed probably within the next month or two."


 Source : China Daily  Editor: Ivy
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