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Michael Jackson Brands Madonna A "Nasty Witch"

Michael Jackson and Madonna at Grammy Music Awards 1989.

Michael Jackson branded Madonna a 'nasty witch' after she tried to take him to a strip bar on a date, it has emerged.

In an interview with Jewish scholar Rabbi Shmuley, the music legend also claimed he had the power to heal children, fantasised about his father's death and admitted keeping mannequins around the house for company.

During the recorded conversation, he named Madonna as one of the people jealous of his success.

'M is one of them,' he said. 'Madonna. She's not a nice... She hadn't been kind. She's a woman and I think that's what bothers her - women don't scream for other women and men are too cool to scream for women, and I get that. I get the fainting, the adulation and the notoriety - but she doesn't get that.'

When asked about their dinner date in 1991 - brought up by Madonna in the emotional tribute she paid to him at the Video Music Awards two weeks ago  - Jackson says he was put off by her kinky ways.

He says the Material Girl had a library of books of women 'who were tied to walls', and wanted them to go to a strip bar.

'Madonna laid the law down. She said, "We are going to the restaurant, afterwards we are going to a strip bar." I said, 'I am not going to a strip bar, where they cross-dress." Guys who are girls and girls... "I am not going there. I am not going."

'I think afterwards she wrote some mean things about me in the press and I said that she's a nasty witch.'

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 Source : CRIENGLISH  Editor: Ivy
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