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Chanel advanced women's rights, says actress Tautou

French actress Audrey Tautou waves during a photo opportunity after a news conference for her film "Coco Avant Chanel" in Tokyo, September 8, 2009.

Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel didn't just make beautiful clothes, she also advanced women's rights, says actress Audrey Tautou, who portrays the pioneering French fashion designer in a new film about her early life.

"Coco Before Chanel," which opens in the United States on Friday, tells the story of Chanel's early life growing up in an orphanage, trying to be a singer with her sister, then becoming wealthy man's mistress to pull herself out of poverty.

She then met the love of her life who helped her realize her design talent and funded the start of her fashion label.

"Her personality, desire to have the same freedom as men -- not to depend on them -- is exactly what we've been fighting for," Tautou, whose previous film roles include "Amelie" and "The Da Vinci Code," told Reuters.

"She was fighting for herself, but ... she changed, I think, many things for her and for us," she said. "She did things for herself first, she was not carrying a cause."

Tautou said she had been approached about a few different Chanel film projects, but chose director Anne Fontaine's movie because it focused on Chanel's early life. She also admitted she was nervous about portraying the designer.

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 Source : China Daily  Editor: Ivy
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