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"The Storm Warriors" to hit cinemas in December

The Storm Warriors

The Hong Kong martial arts film "The Storm Warriors," hailed as China's first live-action, all-digital effects movie, will hit cinemas on December 17, the reports.

The newly released posters for the film present an intriguing look at what is expected to be a film blockbuster. They feature actor Aaron Kwok as the nomadic hero Cloud standing back-to-back with Ekin Cheng's character Wind against an awesome backdrop of a hollow dark sky and a bright moon atop a mountain.

The sequel to the hit film "The Storm Riders" released a decade ago is actually a stand-alone movie with a separate storyline. Kwok and Cheng reunite to reprise the protagonists who this time find themselves up against actor Simon Yam's Lord Godless, a ruthless Japanese warlord bent on invading China.

Kwok and Cheng's fatal duel following their loose fraternal ties and estranged relationship is a highlight of the sequel.
Other heavyweights in the cast are Charlene Choi and Nicolas Tse. Newcomer Tang Yan from the Chinese mainland plays opposite veteran actor Kwok.

"The Storm Warriors," adapted from the bestselling comic book "Fung Wan" by screenwriter Ma Wing-Shing, was shot primarily in Bangkok, Thailand. It is the first Chinese film to be shot against blue screen to create the special effects and on custom-made sets which are as realistic-looking as those in the comic book.

The film's stunning visual effects cost 80 million yuan ($11.7 million) in post-production.

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 Source : CRIENGLISH  Editor: Ivy
· "The Storm Warriors" to hit cinemas in December
· "The Storm Warriors" to hit cinemas in December
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