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Samba dancers adds Chinese elements

Samba dance;Chinese elements

Samba is a Brazilian musical genre derived from African and European roots that is recognized worldwide as a symbol of Brazil and Carnival. Now, a group of samba dancers in Brazil is adding Chinese elements into the dance.

Estado Maior da Restinga is one of the top schools specializing on Samba in Brazil. For next year's Carnival, the school's Samba dancers are going to present a show with a Chinese theme. In a recent presentation, they revealed the costumes specially designed for Carnival. Kites, paper fans, Peking Opera, and even Panda can be found on major positions of these costumes.

Robson Dias, principal of Estado Maior Da Resringa, said, "Since China has become the biggest trading partner of Brazil, we decided to make Chinese culture' the major theme of our Samba dance. Despite the language barrier, we would like to pay homage to China with our traditional dance. "

The principal also noted this presentation event was held to honor the 60th anniversary of the People's Republic of China.

To learn better about China, the school dispatched a team to visit China this June. When they came back, the school redesigned the parade floats to reflect different aspects of Chinese culture and economic development.

They hope the addition of Chinese elements will help them snatch the championship at the 2010 Carnival.


 Source : CCTV   Editor: Ivy
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