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Seeing red over black Angel

Luo Jing (middle; also pictured right) speaks on Dragon TV's Go! Oriental Angel show.

A half-Chinese, half-black young woman is making a lot of Chinese netizens mad. She didn't do anything. She just looks different.

One of the most popular comments is titled: "Wrong parents; wrong skin color; wrong to be in a television show".

Lou Jing, a student in the Shanghai Drama Academy, is participating in Go! Oriental Angel on Shanghai-based Dragon TV. It's designed to discover potential stars. I cannot receive the channel in my home. After watching a few clips online, I could easily tell that Lou is not a good singer but she looks stunning. I'm not surprised she has been nicknamed "China's Halle Berry". But what really strikes me is her easy-going personality. She exudes a healthy dose of joie de vivre.

I'm not in a position to judge whether she deserves to be among the top five Shanghai finalists. But she definitely does not deserve the cruel lashing by the huge online populace.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with her skin color. Yes, in terms of her skin tone, she probably looks more like her African-American father than her

Shanghainese mother. So what?

Of course, it's a big deal in a homogenous country like China. But China has 56 ethnicities, some of whom look quite different from the majority Han. Even Han is an amalgam of many smaller clans, tribes and ethnicities, who over the millenniums inter-married and blended into one another.

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 Source : China Daily  Editor: Ivy
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