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Overseas vocalists return for concert

overseas Chinese vocalists;concert;China;60th Anniversary

A group of overseas Chinese vocalists who are scattered across the globe are returning to China for a special concert this month for a joint performance that is part of the celebration series for New China's 60th Anniversary.

All of the vocalists in the concert are very active and well recognized in international music circles. The strong line-up includes three tenors; Cai Dasheng, from Norway National Opera who has performed more than 40 operas in 20 countries, Yuan Chenye, the only Chinese to win first place in the prestigious International Tchaikovsky Competition and Ding Yi, a well-established vocalist on the Australian opera circuit.

The concert will feature a number of popular songs from both China and the West. It will open with the passionate Chinese song I Love You, My Country and end with Sleepless Tonight from Turandot. According to director of the concert Wang Bing, the vocalist's presentation of the classical Chinese songs will demonstrate their love for their motherland while their performance of Western songs will display their mastery of elegant Western pieces.

All of the vocalists offered to perform without payment and they expressed their enthusiasm about the concert and said that they plan to do more for China's music development.

"Now people in China get a lot of exposure to Western music, however, Chinese music gains limited recognition from the West. Most of my fellow musicians in the West only know the classic Chinese music piece Jasmine. So we hope to spend more efforts in bringing Chinese national music to a global audience,"Ding Yi explained.

The performance is scheduled to be staged in the concert hall of the National Center for the Performing Arts on September 8. It is also a key event on the program of the first Asia-Europe Meeting Culture and Art Festival, which kicked off Wednesday in Beijing.

 Source : Global Times  Editor: Ivy
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