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Man stalker Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock says stalking men is the best way to get a date.

The Hollywood star, whose character Mary Horowitz pursues her crush in new movie 'All About Steve', believes you need to secretly follow potential suitors to find out what they like.

She joked: "How else do you get dates? I learned that you have to stalk and then make it look very innocent. Then once you get them you sort of shred receipts and you do things that sort of cover the paper trail of your stalking. I think it's a necessary evil to sort of lure in your prey."

In 'All About Steve', Mary becomes obsessed with a man - played by Bradley Cooper - after going out on a blind date with him.

Sandra also revealed she is terrible at crosswords - unlike her film character who constructs word games for a living - but loves seeing her name appear in puzzles.

She told Parade magazine: "I can barely spell. I so admire people who just whiz through them.

"My name has been in several crosswords, so I guess that's the only thing that really connects me. I always get the clue when I'm seven across or whatever. I get very excited, 'I got that one. It's me.' "


 Source : China Daily  Editor: Ivy
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· Sandra Bullock loves letters
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