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Sandra Bullock's surgically slim body

Sandra Bullock

Cast member Sandra Bullock poses at the premiere of the movie "All About Steve" at the Mann Chinese theatre in Hollywood, California August 26, 2009. The movie opens in the U.S. on September 4.

Sandra Bullock keeps in shape with "tons of lipo".

The 'All About Steve' actress has joked she keeps her figure trim by having surgery to remove excess fat.

Asked how she keeps her "banging body", Sandra replied: "Lipo - lots of it - tons of liposuction!"

Sandra, 45, plays Mary Horowitz - a crossword puzzle creator who stalks a guy she met on a blind date - in the new movie, and revealed she had a lot in common with the misfit.

She added to RadarOnline: "I had a lisp when I was younger, so I thought she should have a lisp and be around people who were OK with it. Obviously I wasn't and went to speech therapy.

"I wish I'd been like her and not worried about what people thought."

This is not the first time Sandra has joked about plastic surgery.

Last month, the star claimed she was considering getting a boob job to help her win different kinds of roles.

She said: "I need surgery. I'm getting some boobs. I think that's my problem. All my brains are in my butt, they're not in my chest.

"I want to be the bimbo, I want to be looked at as the bimbo, purely as a sexual object. I've been working for that for a very long time."

 Source : China Daily  Editor: Ivy
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