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New animated series "Go! Calf" start playing on CCTV

The Chinese zodiac animal for the year of 2009 is the Ox. And it's no surprise that this good friend of the human race has been seen more frequently in everything from stage and screen, to style and home decoration. Now, there's an animated series called "Go! Calf" that will start playing every day on China Central Television starting Wednesday.

In "Go! Calf!" an adventure unfolds where a big-horn calf tries to protect his homeland and fight against the evil Bat. The suspenseful plot is also mixed with comedic elements.

General manager of CCTV Animation Company Wang Ying said, "The story is inspiring. The role we designed is an ordinary one, unlike the usual on-screen heroes who are out of reach for children. The big-horn calf is just like a friend of yours."

The big-horn calf is the leading role in the series, and is famous throughout China and Asia. In fact, it was one of two mascots for this year's Asia Arts Festival in Ordos in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region last week.

Even before the series was officially born, product merchandising featuring the Big-horn calf has begun including toys, books, stationery, shirts, and games. As the series is broadcast on CCTV, shoppers will find over a hundred items connected with the cute calf.

With a total length of over one-thousand minutes, the first season of 52 episodes of "Go! Calf" will be aired on CCTV, and more than one-hundred local television stations around China.


 Source : CCTV  Editor: Ivy
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