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Kristen Stewart & Taylor Lautner on their ‘New Moon’ romance

Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner are sharing new “New Moon” insights with MTV, including details about their love triangle storyline, new scene secrets, and what Kristen had to say that almost “killed” her.

In November, fans will finally get to see Bella’s long-awaited relationship with Jacob Black emerge onscreen in “New Moon.”

“It’s such a different relationship; it’s like entirely original,” Kristen said. “They’re light; they actually have fun with each other. Edward and Bella are always so strange, you know?

In the second film of “The Twilight Saga,” Kristen’s character delves into a deep depression when Edward leaves her.

“Only [Jacob] can bring her out of that rut. Like, she literally is going to die; she’s going to stop eating and be done. And the only thing that brings her out of it is this lightness [he] brings,” she continued.

And, of course, Taylor’s character, Jacob Black, undergoes quite a transformation himself in the movie – changing into a werewolf.

“Jacob’s thing is he actually can transform in midair,” Taylor tells MTV. “So I got to do these really cool stunts where I got to actually run and then they’d hook me up on wires and I’d jump up in the air and then I’d come to a jolting stop and have to hang there for a bit. That’s what you saw in the trailer, actually. That was a lot of fun. I get to do a lot of cool stunts in this one.”

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 Source : China Daily  Editor: Ivy
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