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KFC apologizes for coupon debacle

U.S. fast food giant KFC sent an open letter to Chinese consumers on April 12 apologizing for claims the company made that customers' coupons were "fake."

KFC saw widespread criticism in China this past week after abruptly canceling an Internet promotion, which resulted in massive protests at some stores.

In the letter published yesterday, KFC said it did not anticipate the large number of invalid e-coupons, which appeared before the start of the promotional activity. The company admitted after the provisional cancellation of activities that it did not respond properly and in some restaurants there was differential treatment.

When asked whether the promotional activity will continue, KFC said if the company re-launches the activity it may cause damage to consumers. KFC said the company will still honor the first round of coupons issued.

Last week, customers in KFC outlets in China were up in arms over a coupon promotion gone awry. The trouble started as the U.S. restaurant chain launched a promotion in which coupons downloaded from the Internet could be exchanged for food at KFC outlets. Customers became angry after staff refused to accept some coupons for the Super Tuesday promotion, saying they were fake.

However, the explanation failed to satisfy the disappointed customers. At a KFC store on Wujiang road in Shanghai on April 7, about 30 customers whose coupons were rejected sat at tables waiting for an explanation while a McDonald's delivery boy brought their lunch.

 Source : People's Daily Online  Editor: JAK
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