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Labor shortfall felt in coastal China as orders pile up

Although China's employment situation is still grave, a shortfall in labor resources has cropped up in some coastal regions as both domestic and world economy are making positive changes.

"Finding workers is my priority now as export orders have started to pick up since June," said Xiao Senlin, a senior manager of the Ha Yi Dai Toy Factory, which is based in the booming city of Dongguan in China's manufacturing base Guangdong province.

In Xiao's company, one third of the machines were laid off because of worker shortfall, despite increasing orders.

"I dare not answer phone calls because most of them are to press for earlier delivery," Xiao said. "I'm anxious but can do nothing about it without enough workers."

Xiao's company was not the only example of the impact of labor shortages. A lack of workers is spreading in export-oriented enterprises in two of the country's major manufacturing bases: the Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta regions, as orders pile up.

Those suffering labor shortages are most small and medium-sized enterprises, which are China's major employers of migrant workers.

Wenzhou, a coastal city in eastern Zhejiang province, estimated a rural labor resource shortage of 150,000, most in some traditional labor-intensive sectors such as spectacles, garments, shoes and electronic goods manufacturing.

Like Xiao, Chen Aimin, a human resources department manager at Kuoshuai Garment Company in Wenzhou, was in a dilemma -- he was happy to see order increase but worried about a lack of workers.

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 Source : Xinhua  Editor: Ivy
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