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Chinese surname history: Peng

Referring to the surname Peng, people naturally think of the legendary God of Longevity Peng Zu (which means the ancestor of Peng family), who held a life of eight hundred years. People with the surname Peng are always proud of such an ancestor.

According to the historical records, the origin of surname Peng can be traced back to Jian Keng, who is called Peng Zu later, a descendant of tribe leader Zhuan Xu in the remote period of Emperor Yao. Jian Keng was said to be good at cooking broth using pheasant. Emperor Yao appreciated his cuisine and conferred him in Peng, where Jian Keng built the State of Great Peng, (now Xu Zhou city, east China's Jiangsu province). People with surname Peng held Xu Zhou as the foothold, and scattered in many parts of China.

In Qin and Han Dynasty, Peng family extended to today's Shandong province, east China. And in Tang Dynasty, Peng appeared as a distinguished family in Yi Chun, southeast China's Jiangxi province. Afterwards, some branches of Jiangxi's Peng family migrated to southeast China's Fujian province, south China's Guangdong province, and other places.

Source: People's Daily Online

 Source :   Editor: lichao
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