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揠苗助长 Plucking up a crop to help it grow

有个急性子的宋国人,日夜盼望稻田里的稻子快些长大。有一天,他想出了一个妙计……It is said that a short tempered man in the Song Dynasty was very anxious to hope his rice crop growing up quickly.One day, he thought a solution...

课文 Text:

解释 Explanation to the idiom:

生词 New words:

急性子 jíxìngzi : hothead
盼望 pànwàng : look forward to
稻子 dàozi : paddy, rice
稻田 dàotián : paddyfield
妙计 miàojì : a good idea, coup
拔 bá : pull out
糟糕 zāogāo : too bad
枯萎 kūwěi : withered

词语应用 Application of the new words:

翻译 Translation:

plucking Up a Crop To Help It Grow
Chinese proverbs are rich and they are still widely used in Chinese people's daily life. There are often stories behind Chinese proverbs. We will introduce one proverb, 'plucking up a crop to help it grow.' This Chinese proverb is based on the following story.

It is said that a short tempered man in the Song Dynasty (960-1279) was very anxious to hope his rice crop growing up quickly. He was thinking about this day and night. But the crop was growing much slower than he expected.

One day, he thought a solution to this. He plucked up all of his crop a few inches.

Even though he was very tired after doing this for a whole day, but he felt very happy since the crop did 'grow' higher.

His son heard about this and went to see the crop. Unfortunately the leaves of the crop began to wither.

This proverb is saying we have to let things go in its natural course. Being too anxious to help an event to develop often results in the contrary to our intent.

 Source : CRIENGLISH  Editor: WuLin
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