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Lucent interns

SIP-based Messenger Project (iPhone): 2 interns Urgent!

(1) J2ME experience or Visual C++ experience
(2) Experience with network programming
(3) Experience with multimedia programming
(4) Familiar with J2ME deployment on mobile phones

2. Telepoll Project

(1) Strong C/C++ experience (Visual C++ developing)
(2) Familiar with IVR application developing
(3) Familiar with database 

3. Boomerang project: 1 intern

Description: The goal of Boomerang is to develop an application for testing and optimizing voice transmission over IP network.

(1)Strong experience in VC++ programming
(2)Experience in network programming
(3)Experience in voice processing algorithms and C/C++ codecs

4. IMS Core Technologies Research: 1 intern Urgent!

(1)Project experience for protocol development using C/C++ programming under Linux/Windows is a must
(2)Knowledge of SIP/SDP/RTP protocol is a must
(3)Knowledge of peer to peer communication is a plus

5. 3G IMS Multimedia Application Server Research: 1 interns Urgent!

(1)One year project experience in web application development using PHP/MySQL is a must
(2)Knowledge of BLOG/RSS is a plus

6. 3G IMS Multimedia Application Client Research: 1 interns Urgent!

(1Project experience in J2ME application development for mobile device is a must
(2)Knowledge of XML is a plus
(3)Knowledge of IETF SIMPLE is a plus

7. Web developer: 3 interns Urgent!

Dynamic web page development with JavaScript and JSP script

(1)Rich experience in web programming
(2)Rich experience in JSP script
(3)Rich experience in Javas
(4)Rich experience in Javascript

8. IMS network security Research: 1 intern

(1)Programming experience using C under Linux and is a must
(2)Knowledge of network security is a must
(3)Knowledge and programming experience of openssl is a plus
(4)Knowledge of SIP/SDP/RTP protocol is a plus

9. Broadband Wireless Access: 1 intern

(1)Familiar with IEEE802.16 series protocol for wireless MAN
(2)MATLAB/Openet programming for simulation
(3)Quick learning and ability of innovation
(4)Ability to writing research paper is optimized

All the positions requires full-time internship of 4-6 months. For futher informatio, please send emails to or visit

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