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General Introduction -- Wushu

   Wushu is a typical demonstration of traditional Chinese culture that uses both brawn and brains. It is difficult to pin point the actual beginning of Martial Arts. Martial Arts emerged, as a result of man抯 instinct to defend himself against his surrounding environment. The theory of wushu is based upon classical Chinese philosophy, while the skills of wushu consist of various forms of fighting. This expression of survival combined with man抯 artistic talents led to martial arts becoming a traditional sport. Emphasizing protective, self-strengthening and recreational values.

   Wushu is not only a sport but also an art form. it can prevent illness and be used in self-defense. Wushu can also help better understand the human body. Chinese Wushu has a very relationship with Chinese Medicine, the arts, the military, religion and philosophy. Thanks to its uniqueness and charisma, originating from traditional oriental culture Wushu is capturing the attention of more and more peoples around countries.

  1. Medicine
  Participating in Wushu training has curative and rehabilitative effects on those suffering from chronic diseases. It is also ideal for the prevention of such diseases and helps to assist in the well being of the human body as the exercises help to strengthen the coordination of the human body and its immunity.

  2. The Arts
  Many Chinese Operas, famous worldwide are known for the inclusion of the Martial Arts in their performances. For example, the artistic beauty of wushu technique and routines has been widely used in Peking Operas.

  3.The Military
  The Chinese Wushu weapons used today by wushu masters originate mainly from ancient Chinese military weapons. In addition to this many of the wushu techniques are used in military and police training programs.

  4.The Philosophy
  The main theories that underlie wushu are based on classical Chinese philosophy. Some Wushu styles vividly demonstrate this. For example, the 慹ight diagram palm?is based on the old Chinese philosophical principle of 慹ight combinations of three whole and three broken lines?used in divination.


 Source :   Editor: linwu
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