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Film producers make green pledge

Leading Chinese producers and directors are supporting a "green production code" and would make every effort to protect the environment during filming.

The initiative was put forward last Thursday after media reports and government officials criticized producers of The Promise over damage caused during filming.

"China's beautiful scenery must be preserved on film and in reality," says the initiative, which calls on producers to exercise self-discipline and government departments, news organizations and environmental groups to enhance supervision.

Wang Zhongjun, president of Huayi Brothers, said the initiative was a warning to the entire industry.

Director Gao Xixi said the green production code was commonsense and began with the simple act of clearing up rubbish and debris.

Guo Shu, vice-president of PKU Starlight Group, asked the production crew of a film in Yunnan to learn from The Promise incident and heed environmental protection.

"The shooting of The Promise has destroyed the natural sights of Bigu Tianchi in Yunnan's Shangrila," Vice-Minister of Construction Qiu Baoxing said last Tuesday.

A reinforced concrete structure was left on the lakeside, and more than 100 stakes were left in the water, said Qiu. Canteens, raincoats, bottles and plastic bags littered the site.

Chen Hong, the movie's producer and renowned director Chen Kaige's wife, issued a statement last Wednesday saying that they were misunderstood.

"We went to Yunnan to shoot the movie because we want to give publicity to Yunnan's Shangrila," said Chen.

She said there was a plan to clear up the mess after the shooting was completed, but it was delayed due to weather conditions.

A production executive on The Promise said the team reached an agreement with Diqing prefecture government in October, 16 months after leaving the site, to dismantle wood, steel and other appliances and to pay for restoring the environment at Bigu Tianchi.

An official with Diqing said the clear-up had been stalled by snow until April.

It accelerated the operation after receiving intensive media coverage and public attention. By April 24, the waste was cleared.

Wang Fengwu, an official with the Ministry of Construction, said last Thursday in an on-line interview that the ministry has ordered Yunnan Provincial Department of Construction to investigate the incident.

"Results of the investigation will be made public in due time," he said, adding people and units responsible for the damage would be prosecuted.

The Ministry of Construction, which oversees administration of scenic spots, issued a circular last Friday strictly limiting filming in scenic spots and ordering a nationwide survey of damage caused by such activities.

It also ordered the prosecution of officials and units responsible for causing damage.

It was reported that the famous Jiuzhaigou nature reserve in Sichuan Province and Shennongjia nature reserve in Hubei Province had also suffered damage from filming activities several years before.


 Source : xinhua  Editor: WuLin
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