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"Da Vinci Code" to show in Beijing two days ahead of worldwide

The U.S. blockbuster "Da Vinci Code" will be screened in Beijing New Century Cinema on May 17, two days ahead of its world release.

The film will also open this year's Cannes Film Festival, six hours after the show begins in China.

"Da Vinci Code" is the U.S. director Ron Howard's 125-million-dollar screen version of Dan Brown's best-selling book, which stars Tom Hanks and Audrey Tautou. The story tells of Jesus marrying Mary Magdalene and having a child by her whose descendants are still alive today.

"The film passed the approval of China's state film administration without any problems," said a spokesman from the Beijing office of the Colombia Distribution Co. Ltd.

A member of staff at the Beijing New Century Cinema said an international film star would be attending the screening but refused to reveal his or hers identity.

"Da Vinci Code" has sparked controversy over its "sacrilegious" story and has met opposition from many countries worldwide. Some religious groups in India have called on people to protest against the movie. Singapore's national film administration listed the film into grade NC-16, saying the film is not suitable for children without discretion. In Britain, the film was forced to make changes in its music and sound effects so that "children aged under 12 could watch the film accompanied by their parents".

In contrast, "Da Vinci Code" has not encountered any difficulties in China. Several local cinemas in Beijing have all reported good sales ahead of the release.

 Source : xinhua  Editor: WuLin
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