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Guest lecturers preferred

Are students more likely to ask questions in sex education classes if the teacher is not the same person who teaches them math and history?

That is a question sex ed experts are trying to answer through an ongoing experiment at three vocational schools in the city.

Last September, the Shanghai Family Planning Scient i f ic Research Institute launched sex ed classes at two of the three schools. Classes in one school are taught by normal teachers, while classes at the other school are taught by a guest lecturer.

About 600 students around the age of 15 are taking part in the classes at each of the two schools.

No sex education will be provided at the third school. "We want to learn what kind of education is the most popular among students and through which channels they can get sex information by themselves," said Tu Xiaowen, a researcher from the institute and leader of the project.

"Compared with ordinary high school students, those from vocational schools are eager to make boyfriends or girlfriends and learn about sex," she said. "Research found about 40 percent of vocational school students have boy or girlfriends and about 4 percent have had sexual experiences, while the rate is some 10 percent and 1 percent in high schools. So it is more essential to promote sex education in vocational schools."

So far students have indicated they prefer to be taught by a guest lecturer.

"Students don't have pressure when talking with a lecturer outside school and feel more reassured about their privacy," Tu said. "Many students don't dare or feel shy to discuss love issues with their own teachers, who may scold them for doing so or spread their secrets."

 Source :   Editor: WuLin
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