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"Red Rose and White Rose" falls on Chen Jianbing

Chinese mainland actor Chen Jianbing, who stars in hot CCTV TV series "Qiao Jia Da Yuan", has been invited to perform in a stage drama "Red Rose and White Rose". 

The drama, based on the late Shanghai writer Eileen Cheung's novel of the same name, is being staged as part of the 6th "Meet in Beijing" festival.

He will be the second famous actor to perform in an Eileen Cheung drama, after Hong Kong A-list actor
Leung Kar-Fei takes the lead role in "Love in A Fallen City" in Beijing this May.

But by contrast to "Love in A Fallen City", which is "made in Hong Kong", "Red Rose and White Rose" has a whole production team from the Chinese mainland.

It's not the first time that Chen Jianbing has acted on stage. He has made acclaimed appearances in Meng Jinghui's avant-garde drama "An Anarchist's Sudden Death" and "Pirated Faust".

But after four year's absence from the stage, Chen admits that this role is a big challenge for him.

The two female leads have yet to be decided. Candidates include Carina Lau, Ning Jing, Chen Hao and Mei Ting.

The drama will play from the 24th to 27th May at the Poly Theater. 

 Source :   Editor: WuLin
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